Weebollabolla Shorthorns Bull Sale

53rd Annual

Date: 18th September, 2020

Where: "Weebollabolla" Station Yards, Moree NSW 2400

Sale commences at 1pm

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Paddington P23 is a heifer’s first calf 32kg at birth. Rich red with great capacity and mid-maturity, P23 is an extremely easy doing, easy calving bull. Lignum L14 imparts excellent fertility traits, milk, DTC, fat and IMF.


Pete P148’s structure, stoutness and do-ability are exceptional. Impressive weight on a moderate frame with slick hair type. The first son of Munro’s Luck M100, P148 is an above-average performer contributing calving ease, weight and carcass traits. The complete package.


OUR PICK OF THE SALE. Packer P9 was used in the 2019 joining. Always a standout in the paddock - he commands attentions. Our judgement is backed up by Dick Whale’s structural assessment and Breedplan figures. Semen has been collected. His sire Lomu L8 sold to the Stuckey family in 2017 for $18,000 following service over heifers himself in 2016. A wellmuscled medium-framed bull with excellent capacity, good hair, tight sheath and is free moving, he has a definite sire’s outlook. Packer P9’s has the highest index, top 5% with 11 progeny analyzed on Breedplan as well.

One of the carcass sires of 2020, President P300 certainly has presence. A rich red, beautiful hair type, this bull carries outstanding carcase weight on excellent structure. President’s do-ability is very impressive given his larger frame and performance power. Ideal genetics to generate carcass value from your cows.

P51 possesses excellent structure, larger frame and incredible capacity to match. A soft, slick-haired bull from an ET cow with excellent disposition, just like his sire Jackpot J87.

The first Emperor L63 son to be offered for sale. Pinjarra P159 has exemplary hair type, muscularity and top 5% carcass weight. His Finlay F120 dam has produced progeny with plenty of performance.

Length, excellent structure, muscling, capacity and do-ability for a moderate frame plus a good deal of softness makes for an outstanding type of bull in P198. His dam, H63 has produced daughters whose sons have averaged $5,000 to date, selling to the Francis family and Ray Kennedy.

Capacity, length of body, muscularity and short hair-type are the hallmarks of this easy-doing bull. His dam H14 produced Lot 47, selling to the Tym family for $15,000 in our 2016 sale. Paterson ticks all the boxes with beautifully balanced EBVs for a self-replacing herd.



Another Emperor L63 son who is free-moving and displaying good muscling, Pacific P61 replicates the excellent structure of his dam J128- daughter of Lot 4’s maternal grand dam K169. J128 remains active in the with a son in 2021 Bull Sale team plus three sons in prior sales as well as a daughter and granddaughter retained in the herd.

A roan son by K0182, purchased for $58,000 from The Grove in 2016. No less than ten traits in the top 20% of EBVs culminating in an outstanding index value. A power-packed mix of Oscar and Impact genetics coupled with Goodar G105 makes this bull a definite herd improver. A previous son out of H218 sold for $9,000 to the Wagner family.

Well balanced EBVs have built an excellent genetic package in Pearsey P63 with a physical assessment to match. Capacity, do-ability and an EMA in the top 1% of values coupled with growth; it’s all here. His ET dam goes back to one of the best in the breed, Nindethana, a cow whose legacy remains through generations in our herd.


A docile son of Jackpot J87 he has plenty of length, capacity and excellent structure coupled to 400-day growth and carcass weight EBVs in the top 1% of the analysis. P131 is mobile with an excellent topline. His Dam L278 has another son in our 2021 sale team.

Another great carcass and growth genotype in this K0182 son. Picone P110’s growth and mature cow weight EBVs make this bull quite exceptional. A RBY EBV in the top 1%, this bull will have a real impact over any cow herd. His dam E231 has 9 progeny analysed on Breedplan. Daughters retained in the herd including Lot 17’s dam.


Pullabooka P196 is a bull possessing sound structure and balanced EBVs. He has capacity, length and muscularity in his favour with a beautiful slick hair-type. His sire Maranoa M6 sold in our 2018 to CC Francis & Sons for $12,000. Whilst his dam, J206, is a lovely donor cow in the top 10% for her index. P196’s maternal grand dam E204 has 8 progeny analyzed and also produced bulls in our 2017 and 2018 Sales. Longevity = repeatability.

Pat P186’s genotype is highlighted by his EBVs in the top1% and excellent carcass weight. This big red bull carries an overall assessment of 6 highlighting his capacity, muscle and do-ability and is ranked in the top 20% for IMF and his MSA-B2 index. He’ll produce plenty of kilos per hectare.

Powerhouse P180 nears the top of the pile with another score 6 from Dick Whale. His scrotal EBV is in the top 1% and growth numbers average in the top 10%. Capacity, length, muscle and slick hair-type make this bull valuable.

A very sound, mobile bull typical of the Jackpot J87 sons. Pemberley P261 has exceptional growth EBVs and retail beef yield in the top1% of 2018-drop animals. Daughters retained in the herd including Lot 17’s dam.


Assessed with an excellent grade 6 for type, Pallamallawa P246 displays a high muscle content and capacity for a larger frame bull. Top 1% for docility. 400-day weight, scrotal size and retail beef yield breeding values.

A heifer’s first calf, Parknook P34 displays a phenotype of capacity, length of body and muscularity on a moderate frame. His genotype indicates early maturity, excellent mature cow weight significantly lower than 600 day weight and high milk. An ideal bull to breed replacement females who will foster that important IMF trait thanks to Lignum L14.

Extremely appealing animal with capacity, muscling and a slick skin. His all-round genotype, good carcass characteristics and weight EBVs elevate his $Index value to the top 5% of 2018-drop animals and the second highest in the catalogue. Pitman P75 was used in the herd in 2019. His donor dam J155 from whom we have collected 45 embryos, is ranked in the top 1% of PHA animals with a $Index EBV of $89.